Authorities have banned people in Paris from travelling more than 1 km from their home address. The new rules are in force between 10:00 and 19:00 only if you are visiting a doctor, or exercising and shopping for necessary items.

I think that it is good and bad, here is why I think it is good. Because it will keep you safe and away from people who may have symptoms of the coronavirus. But there is a bad side because you can’t play outside with friends and you can get really bored stuck inside for most of the day. That is why I like to write posts like this. As it keeps me busy.

2 thought on “Paris bans outdoor activities”
  1. I agree Millie but I think it is very important that people do not spread this virus by not self- isolating even if it is boring to stay inside and not see friends. We can use technology to socialise whilst still staying safe.

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